Richard Ashcroft. 17.4.17. Newcastle Academy.


So this is what Marvin and John and Otis meant by soul music.

Watching an artist give everything to a performance you begin to understand why they might turn to drugs, have extensive time off between albums or tour infrequently.  Becuase to Richard, exposing yourself fully is a religious experience and something which informs every performance and every note.

As Richard soundtracks his belief that history is in our hands, not the hands of our leaders, you realise that this is not music, this is something else.


2 thoughts on “Richard Ashcroft. 17.4.17. Newcastle Academy.

    1. Hi thank you for your commment- i’m really sorry but i don’t have the set list. I’ve looked at other sets and can see that the newcastle gig was similar, but not the same- i think i could be about 80% sure of the songs, and their running order, but i couldn’t be 100% certain of my memory i’m afraid

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