Sunflower Bean. 6.9.16. Think Tank?


I couldn’t be bothered to check out Sunflower Bean when I first heard about them.

The first few UK write ups I saw described them in the same vain as almost every New York band since (and including) the Strokes; little about the music but everything about their fashion careers and their desire to come across as elegantly wasted, bored, artsy and impassioned.

Factual or not, we (the British) seem fixated on the too-cool-for-school, intellectual, New York/ New Wave scene.  From Television, through to Blondie, apexing with the Talking Heads, we never get bored of reading about the bands who love to be written about looking bored.

We then love to get bored by (and of) those bands once we realise that the vast majority of them fit into the indie formulae (both in look and in sound).

It’s all very boring.

And yet looking up the reason as to why we become bored, and one suggested reason is that we have had too much experience of a ‘thing’ over a certain people of time.  It may be a ‘thing’ we enjoy.

We get bored of records we like because we’ve heard them too much.

We even get bored of the people we love (the definition says this, not me) if we spend too much time in their company.

Logically, therefore, there is an argument to say that we only get bored of the things we love.

I regarded Sunflower Bean as boring not because i’d heard them (I hadn’t) but because i’d listened to too much artsy New York sounding indie music (over a certain period of time).

Seeing them live, loving every minute of them and wanting to devour their musical output makes me realise that it is only the boring who get bored.

They were brilliant.

I was judgmental.


Easier said

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