In evil hour. 11.3.16. Think Tank.


It’s rare that I see huge smiles on the faces of punk bands.  Typically, I find that songs of rage, frustration and isolation aren’t played out with lightness and politeness.

It’s an unusual combination. Can comedy and tragedy really be present at the same time?

In evil hour turn up to play with a fully formed message. They aren’t here to fuck about, or to find their message through the music.  They show few nerves and offer even fewer apologies.

They play loud music with huge smiles.

And they do it brilliantly.

They offer all of the things that you want from punk; energy, anger, awareness and intellect. And they have the extra ingredient of humour and outward enjoyment.

The offer to take cash and clothes on a forthcoming trip to Calais is another reason to admire the band.  Serious and positive.  Rare indeed.

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