Henry Rollins. Tyne Journal Theatre. 11.1.16.


The Stranglers sang about heros in the past tense; they no longer existed.

I was never too keen on the Stranglers so I paid no attention.  From an early age, Henry Rollins was my hero and I was proud to admit it.

On a cold January night Rollins more than lived up to my ideology of a hero, spitting energy and focus into a thought provoking, and well structured, spoken word event.

Opening with remarkable, insightful and relevant tributes to Sir’s Bowie and Kilmister the show was equal parts emotional, powerful and moving.

Impressive, as always, was his willingness to sign every autograph and meet every fan at the end of the show- a touching legacy of his remaining punk rock roots.

I need my heros more than they know.

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