Cattle and Cain. Stockton globe. 18.12.21

Let’s be diplomatic with this and start by saying that you can often tell it’s coming up to Christmas when there’s a lively crowd.  Loud, chatty, and partial to ‘getting the drinks in’, sections of tonight’s audience often move us into the dangerous territory of being ‘too distracting’ throughout Cattle’s show, though, to provide balance, they also contribute to the show by creating a festive atmosphere and engaging heavily with the band (various shout outs persist including one audience member claiming this is their 28th Cattle show).  Audience festivities apart, tonight is dominated by a lovely blend of rock/Americana/folk from the Caner’s; particularly impressive given that this is their first full band outing in almost two years.  A wonderful version of ‘ 7 hours’ sets an early benchmark with 2015’s ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Tonight we dance – Cleveland Hills’ being dual highlights for their Fleetwood mac/fm rock wonder and showcasing the absolute loveliness of Helen’s vocals.  It might have been a bit rowdy in places, but you need a bit of that in a proper rock show.

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