Charlatans. 10.12.21. Newcastle City Hall

Given the length of their career, there feels something fairly Cubist about the Charlatans; an output that feels, musically at least, fairly ‘samey’ on initial listening seems to dissolve into an ever increasing, and interesting, collage of sounds and textures the further and further you get away from it.  Taking a trip across large patches of their history, tonight’s live show supports the divergence in different chapters of the band’s work; Hammond driven baggy grooves (Forever, Weirdo), guitar centric indie (One to another), lush orchestras (So oh) and gentle soul (A man needs to be told), proving that the Charlatans are nothing if not expressive artists; tonight using that force to move through genres and musicality in fine form.  Silhouetted by the visual backdrops of their history, Tim leads the collective tonight with his trademark bops and grooves; performing as if his life was still fully hinged towards musical expression.  It probably is.  Can’t wait to see where they’ll go next. 

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