Amy Macdonald. Stockton Globe. 23.10.21

Callum Beattie starts off tonight’s packed-out show at the Globe with an audience friendly blend of stripped back singer songwriter material; set closer ‘Home’ stealing a show full of Kelly Jones’ styled husky/emotive vocals blended with interesting stories about non-interesting lives.  He’s the perfect warm up for true rock and roller Amy Macdonald who ploughs in to tonight with the type of drive, commitment and battering right leg that would see Mr Strummer and Mr Springsteen nod in approval both in terms of the delivery and also the call to arms direct style of song writing.   A sing along version of Slow it down and a pounding take of This is the life steal a show where Macdonald plays rock and roll with the type of dedication that reminds you that the right song, at the right time, sung by the right person, can mean more than just about anything else. 

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