Ash. 19.9.21. Newcastle o2 Academy.

Image not mine

Turning it right up to eleven, both in volume and attitude, London garage rock band The Gulps open tonight as if they are headlining Wembley Stadium. Full of swagger, frighteningly confident, and decked out in the right attire to be ‘decadent’ rather than ‘dishevelled’, they’re ramshackled, deeply intellectual and full of the same substance of bands like the Fat White Family.  They’re brilliant.  Followed up by the equally loud, equally artistic, Indoor Pets, tonight hits it’s maximum volume levels thanks to the mega din of Mark Hamilton’s bass and Ash’s nonstop tour of their incredible range of singles; meaning they sparkle incredibly brightly for about 65 of their 90 minutes and pack the rest with songs that don’t equal the heights of Life less ordinary and the like.   Ash did well.  They all did well in fact, though it’s always nice when the openers out-swagger and out-play the bands that follow them. 

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