Blood youth. 18.9.21. Newcastle Student Union

After solid (and loud) warmups from two of the regions hardest metal acts, Perceptions and Starved, tonight’s punk/metal/rock evening hits an interesting space when main support act Death Blooms attempt to kick the crowd energy levels into overdrive by passively/aggressively mocking the crowd.  Rarely working in a live show, and eclipsing some of the intensity the band play with onstage, the technique leaves an awkward feeling (at least with me) for at least a few songs though by recent single One Release both the audience and the band are back on speaking terms and moshing out.  Full of intensity Death Blooms show is a credit to the commitment they have in their music and beliefs, though there’s a sense of passions boiling over slightly tonight. 

Feeding off the energy, Blood Youth finish the night in their usual full intensity, ripping through songs with metal hearts and fine musicality, moving them slightly into the prog rock genres in places.  Every band tonight gave it their all.  That’s all you can ever ask for.

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