Wolfgang Flur. The Cluny. 14.9.18

Imagine this.  You’re a quarter of an electronic band deemed more influential than even the Beatles, and in an eight year period you part-write five albums which change the entire perception of electronic music.

Then you leave.

And it all goes quiet.

Do you, A). Write an autobiography about your time in the band that is so controversial the rest of the band take you to court, B). Record and release your own music or C). Become a techno DJ?

Well ‘who cares’ is probably the correct answer, because Wolfgang Flur was, as always, already ahead of you and he chose to do all three.

The original electronic percussion-playing robot, Flur remains a genuine archetype in the world of dance music.   Talented and experimental, Flur, now 71, continues as an artist still enthused by the dance and visual world.  Showcasing the majority of his 2015 techno-heavy album ‘Eloquence’, Flur takes the crowd on an electronic journey across his own history, and that of his past employers.  Highly emotive in places, particularly when his iconic robot image appears next to his 2018 image, the show’s key ingredient is the large visual backdrop (created through old videos, images and TV snippets) which supports Flur’s place in history and provides a visual stimulus.

Equipped with two macs, and sadly no percussion tools, Flur dips, dives and body pops his way across his 80 minute set.  Slightly lacking in the mixing skills, and disappointingly short of Kraftwerk moments (I counted three; ‘Pocket calculator’ / ‘Dentaku’ and ‘Neon lights’) Flur none the less makes up for it with effort, tunes, and ultimately, his presence.

Unable, of course, to meet the heights of his former band, Flur achieves all that the sold-out crowd need; hard hitting music to dance to, reminders of the past, and a chance to spend time with an iconoclast.  Still relevant after 50 years in the field. Imagine that.

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