St Buryan. o2 Academy. 5.5.18

Bringing one of the largest crowds to Meet the North, local 5 piece, pop indie boys St.Buryan have a captive audience from the go.

So it’s just as well that they have the tunes to meet expectations.

Showcasing most of their rewritten and re-recorded ‘White Noise’ EP, St Buryan play the type of inspired guitar-driven pop music, which looks for, and finds, undeniable hooks.

Frontman Ben Mackett and backing vocalist Natahn Gooch are both in fine voice this afternoon, hitting hard to hit notes in search of pop’s finest melodies.  Whereas Mackett uses his vocals in a deliberate, almost gentle, approach; Gooch provides an effort and energy.

Driven by a propeller of a backbeat from sticksman Rhys Mellhuish, ‘In the rain’ is tonight’s highlight.  Interplaying vocal parts with a precise pop melody (‘maybe you’ll fall to peices, maybe you’ll go insane’) Rain is a delight to hear.

4 years since it’s first outing, could White Noise 2.0 help find the St. Buryan’s even larger crowds? let’s hope so.

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