Sleeptape. 24.3.18. Head of Steam


According to esteemed performance coach Daniel Pink, peak performance occurs in those moments when we are acting at the very highest levels of our capabilities.

For some of us we’ll see glimpses of our best-self first thing in the morning, for others it may be when we are undertaking tasks where all sense of time gets lost.  Wherever it is, there is usually a place, or a task, where we are most likely to see our own peak performance.

For Newcastle Alt-Rockers, Sleeptape, it appears that the live arena is the place where they reach their peak performance; or, at the very least, one of the best versions of themselves.

Playing the Head of Steam to coincide with the release of their blinding new single ‘Benefit’ the band are on top form.   Inspired, attitude-heavy and on a strong creative roll, the Sleepers set out to prove that they can match their ambitions.  As they prove tonight, the venue may be small(ish) but the ideas are huge

Having formed just over a year ago, it’s heartwarming to see the Tape boys being able to sell out the Head of Steam so soon.  Additionally, it’s inspiring to see a crowd so clearly full of energy, excited and expectant to see a band; these are the nights an old man like me gets jealous looking at a young crowd with so much energy, full of hope and inspired by live music.

The star of tonight is bassist Elliot Johnson who provides the reckless and impulsive attitude, and musical chops, which leads the band and their collective performance.  Energetic, mischevious and serious about the music, Johnson bottoms the music with a menacing rumble and intricate bass parts.   He’s a key part of the team tonight.

Both the band, and Johnson in particular, reach peak performance tonight.  Great work.


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