Rebekah Fitch. 5.3.18. Little Buildings


multi instrumentalist, and highly talented with seemingly each musical tool she picks up; The premises of Fitch’s piano and beats based sound clearly hinges on being brave and finding the confidence to speak your truth.

Wether driven by an upbeat sound, or focused more on a melancholic, haunting, sound, Fitch puts everything she has into her live show, particularly her impressive vocal delivery and range: swarring high one moment and falling low the next.

Layering her vocals on top of each other, Fitchs sound is centred about her production technique of recording vocals live and building up her tracks to reach a vocal crescendo. Cleverly limiting the accompanying instrumentation to beats and keys the music never overshadows interesting lyrics about the search for love, the fear of losing love, and the pleasure and pain of striving to reach a destination.

these sounds and vocals would be impressive for anyone, yet it’s more Impressive when you see its creation live and the bravery Fitch takes to construct complex, layered, productions in a live environment.

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