Andy Cooper. 229 club. 11.1.18


Whereas the young Eminem’s anger, outspokenness and frustrations could well have been likened to a Johnny Rotten for the hip-hop age, the work of Ugly Duckling, particularly their approach to abstract comedy and mischief, may well have provoked comparisons to a self mocking, rebellious, poet like an Ian dury or John Cooper clarke.
Silly, street smart and self mocking, the Ducks proved that hip hop need not always be serious, or even have a point, in order to be enjoyable.
Out on his own Cooper uses his 40 minute set to show off his dazzling wordplay, razor sharp wit and lyrical delivery.  Cool and collected, Cooper puts on a show which is intense, moves at pace, interacts with the crowd and is good for the soul.

Smartarse insights, comic timing and ironic self actualisation rarely sounds as good.

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