Shed Seven. 2.12.17. Newcastle Academy

If the key themes of ‘90s Brit rock were rooted in anything then surely it was in the power of music, and the transformative powers it held to change the world and the psychology of those who listened. Genre defining songwriters (Gallagher, Gillespie, Ashcroft, Albarn, Brown) used their music to openly champion messages about positivity, inclusivity and tolerance. ‘This is music’ sang The Verve and it certainly was; this was music at its very best, hypnotic, inspiring and educational. Just as importantly, this was music about being yourself and stepping outside of a crowd.

So it’s somewhat upsetting when, twenty-odd years on, and in the midst of a tour supporting strong new material, shed sevens show is seemingly a part-breeding ground for one of the most destructive personalities of the 90s; ‘the lad’. Openly drunk and unnaturally edgy, the lad encapsulated all that was wrong with a society slowly desolving into a me first attitude and a culture focused on short termism. Styling an attitude which preferred hedonism over heroism, The lad crowd ruined Brit rock the way the uniformed punks ruined the punk movement. And with all of the sevens good will it’s a shame that we have pockets of that crowd in tonight. 20 years on and casual violence is still not a key ingredient in the creation of a crowd who are able to enjoy good music.

Shed seven returned with old and new classics which were the making of the night, regardless of some of ‘the lads’ attempt to ruin it. Next time lads be more attentive to the music and it’s messages. You’re missing the point

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