Australian Pink Floyd. 6.10.17. City Hall


Erykah Badu once described ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ as ‘one song all the way through’, which, when you think about it, is a perfect description of the album.

An album needs to be well produced, contain great songs and be artistically interesting to sell in the type of quantities Moon sold in, and it goes without saying that a show focused on the album will be brilliant.  Which this is.

Highlight of the show was easily the backing soul vocals on ‘the great gig in the sky’ which, when listened to and studying the famous picture of a broken Mr Barret sets you off into deep, disturbing, rabbit holes.

Updated visuals containing Mr Trump suggest the Aussies have been keeping an eye on Roger Waters recently; which is interesting.

I’m still to watch Dark Side with the Wizard of Oz – the more I think about it, the greater a priority it seems.

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