Whitney. The Cluny. 6.11.16



Earning their title, in the British press at least, as’bright new things’ of 2016 Whitney travel to Newcastle on the final lap of a sell out UK tour in support of this years Light Upon The Lake album.

Leader singer and co-songwriter Julien Ehrlich (tonight appearing hooded and a shoe-in for Elliot Taylor) leads the 6 piece band in the difficult task of replicating an album that splices together the pop sensibilities of 70s fm gods Fleetwood Mac & Supertramp, with lo-fi recording production last heard (with such confidence) on ‘White album’ era Beatles.  Dead easy then…

Ehrlich delivers both the falsetto and the dead-pan humour, trumping the crowd with his ability to hit a high note, and also the should-be-easy-to-answer question of ‘so what is Newcastle famous for?’.

There is silence from the crowd to both.

Presumably for different reasons.

The music delivers well; providing a Sunday night soundtrack that is pop- but the cool kind- not the actual pop kind.

The year gets longer and the nights get darker, what will the bright new things do next; when they aren’t so shiny and new?  The same I hope.



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