Little Mix. 4.11.17. Newcastle Arena

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We all know that Pop bands tend to have a short life cycle.  Take that, Boyzone, Spice girls… they’ve all tended to have it all but been unable to stick together.

Nowadays the usual cycle is for a band to break apart, go solo and years later come back and apply for “the best job in the world”.  Wouldn’t it be nice if one group could stay together and make a 30/40 year career out of it, moving their sound across the pop world as the pop sound changes?

Little Mix turn up, seemingly get undressed, then put on their show which focuses on unity, friendship and being driven by good intentions.

Given the mixed messages of a sexualised show (topless male dancers amongst other things) and a youthful crowd, pop continues to confuse its own messages sometimes.  But that’s a rant for another day.

Perhaps the Mixers may be the ones to stick together and break pops usual life cycle.

Good luck to them, they do what they do well.


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