Astroid Boys

It’s not farfetched to consider the musical output of Cardiff’s Asteroid Boys as the natural heirs of the Prodigy’s 1994 seminal ‘Music for the jilted generation’ album.  Fusing together not just grime and electronica but also hardcore punk and metal, the Asteroids look, and sound, like a band with something to say.  Whereas the Prodigy rebelled against the Criminal Justice Act, the Boys sound like they’d rebel against, well, pretty much anything.  And they do.

Since their 2012 debut, the Asteroids have continued to raise the standards of their musical output.  Championed by Kerrang in 2015 as one of 10 ‘killer bands’ and part of this year’s BBC documentary ‘Generation Grime’ , the sound of the Asteroids has continued to get heavier, with recent tracks focusing on manic beat productions and multi-layered narratives about youthfulness, loneliness and boredom.

With a reputation for high energy shows blazed in a combination of attacking vocals, crushing guitars and a deafening sound system, Stockton residents best duck for cover on the 8th May when the Asteroids roll into town for their show at the Ku Bar.  You can guarantee that this one is going to go off.