I’ve been a huge fan of music and art since I was very young.  My first memories are almost all tinged with musical references; stemming from receiving my first 7″ (a birthday present from my Grandma of ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’) right through to the daily promises of being able to listen to music if I was ready for school early enough.

My very first concert was Shakin’ Stevens at the Newcastle City Hall.  Unbelievably cool to an eight year old.  I still love Shaky and the memories of that gig with my family.  Innocent, pop-music-driven times.

This blog records some of the recent gigs I’ve been to.  I don’t write after each gig I go to.

Sometimes I have nothing to say.  Sometimes I have too much to say.

Sometimes my words are published by local magazines.  Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes my thoughts match the feelings of those I’ve been to the gig with. Sometimes they don’t.

On every occasion though, the music will have changed my life in some way.

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