Sundara Karma. 1.6.16. Cluny.

Somei dsays ryeute like the 1975 @ I can seewhu. Good looking long haired young lads playing dreamy tu es about love. I start hoping its like siran Duran. Bit uts not its more like dteamy music with vivald by a peter Frampton lookalike and bass by a john Taylor lookalike. Uts good. And the crowd are good. But uss not ashard edged as the sonic youth equae of inheaven or the Jesus vibe of theoale favourite bands tuninreverse irfer tonight. Perhaps I expected too much of the headliners and not enough of tgeopeners. Perhaps the ioeners were just better. Good night thfdd good bands. Buy talk if yge 1975 or alsit tunes for teenagers is still pdfbLd

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