The Dandy Warhols. 24.5.16. Northumbria University.


I’ve often wanted to be a Monkee, sometimes wanted to be a Beach Boy but always wanted to be a Dandy.
I’ve always seen them as the types of people I want to be; well rounded, well read, creative and experimental. But fun with it. The type of person deep enough to write about being godless but able to blast out upbeat pop about boys being better than girls 2 minutes later.   Aware enough to ask a duran duranee to produce but hip enough for Bowie to ask to support.
Not bronen by the system but aware of it; rebelling through the production of art.
The Dandys reinforce this and so much more live.

They have the tunes, the set list, the sonics, the shakes, the banter, the look and the lighting.

Zia shakes. Courtney vapes. And Pete does all he can to convince me that he the best guitarist of his ilk- right up there with the Hawleys, Butlers and Marrs. The man is soundscape personified.

With Fat-head, they form the perfect cartoon character band since the Archies.

They’re my favourite band of the past twenty years only ever riveled by brmc.

Super cool. The dandys rule ok.

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