The Night Beats. 23.05.16. Newcastle o2 Academy.

Arthur Lee once claimed to have invented punk.  A pretty ballsy statement for anyone to make, but especially ballsy for a man who also claimed to have invented the hippy/ west coast sound.  

To be fair, he possibly did.

Whilst punk tends to be credited to the MC5, Stooges or the Velvets, Love and the Seeds predated both and had been kicking out the jams from the mid 60s; basing their sound around the classic 3’s- three chords, three minutes and three words (fuck right off).  

The Night Beats pick up the mantle of Love and the Seeds.  Visually stunning (revolutionary in tone- black outfits, Che Guevara hats, etc.), tight rhythm section I’ve ever heard, great tunes and intelligent song titles, they branch well past the punk rock constraints and into adventurous musical territory.

Singer/ guitarist Danny Blackwell is particularly impressive- guitar leads and feedback which are both stunning and shrugged off with ease.

They are a band doing and saying things that others currently aren’t.

They are offsprings of a forgotten generation- but one with so much to say.  Excellent.

Support: Pins– what a punk rock, all-girl, support band.  Superb. Almost as good as the Night Beats.

Support: Black Atom Movement– Brilliant.

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