Richard Hawley. Sage Gateshead. 3.11.15


Richard Hawley could lay claim to be one of the great pretenders of the modern musical age; disguising himself perfectly as a 50’s throwback whilst tackling contemporary political and social issues through songs which break your heart and move your feet.

His live performance showcases this duplicity almost as far as one could imagine; songs of fear, isolation & despair being broken by tales of taxis, sex and fish & chips.

Just who and what is Richard Hawley?

What seems certain is that Hawley’s critical and commercial success have not conquered whatever drives him.  On some songs his singing and guitar playing is so emotional that you wonder if he’s headed too far into a world from which he can ever return.

Early reviews have suggested that the crowd were unsportingly quiet; bullshit; they were in awe and respectful.  I saw at least 2 people at the concert visibly upset and needing comfort.

The quiff may be obvious Richard, but so too are the war wounds. Brilliant.

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