Sleaford Mods. Northumbria Uni. 25.09.15


From my recent gig going experience, we live in a world of sanitisied big money tours focused on building the brand of event promoters, sitting down, false impromptu by artists, merchandise sales and nightly repetition of set lists.  A sound track to selfies.

Step forward the Sleaford Mods.  Angry, intense, witty, articulate. Modern day pied pipers for a blank generation.

Forgoing large sets and lighting, the Mods keep the appearance of their live show minimalist, focusing instead on its content.  Beats and messages.  Keep the distractions to a minimal and listen.

An equal blend of over 40’s and students bring an intensity to the evening; rapping(?) back the words of the Mods who’s skill seems to be the ability to put into words the frustrations of the crowd.  Modern day issues of minimum wages, lack of career opportunities, lies, corruption, boredom all rolled into one.  It’s rebel rousing stuff.  Modern day punk. Sentiment every politician should listen to.

It’s good to see live music getting back to what it should do; educating, entertaining and creating emotion.

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