Walter Lure. 21.9.15. Newcastle Cluny.


The Heartbreaker’s musical manifesto was always to be stark and hard; an audio representation of the physical world they lived in.  Early interviews saw a deceleration to be anti music business and arena rock; the style of music that made them feel alone and isolated.  The type of music that made them want to rebel.

Although the wrong side of 60, and now a professional stockbroker, Walter Lure is one of the only original Heartbreaker’s left to carry out that rebel movement.  Backed by tight, British, players he provides s soundtrack that is driving, angry and ecstatic.  His music is still articulate-intelligent-punk and his playing is faultless.  The music still moves you, wakes you, shakes you. It goes for the heart and the head.

Lure pays respect to his past, both name checking and honoring fallen comrades.  Their songs are played (‘You can’t put your arms around a memory’, ‘Chinese rocks’, ‘Little London Boy’..) and their stories are told.  It’s all done with a smile; perhaps it’s too long ago now to still be painful.

Lure still looks and acts the rebel part- he must still have reason to rebel and reason to believe.

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