The Lathums. 7.3.23. Northumbria Students Union.

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There’s a good scouse band who kick things off tonight on – they’ve called the dream machine but they don’t have a van, which is annoying. Part Coral, part Zutons, they blast few some decent tracks, including their new single, though their lead singer is either very shy or just not interested in chatting with the crowd- which would help.

The Lathums end the show playing to very much a home-crowd; the lead singer can properly sing and it’s heart warming to see a young indie crowd getting into guitars and bands. The two back-to-back ballads of circles of faith and crying out steal the show; both much more interesting live than on their recordings and both sounding very Smithsy. Fair play to the final guitar solo on Wickerman and fair play to the band who seem like geuniely nice people happily playing to people who like their music.

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