Dude Trips. 14.4.22. Little Buildings.

Local EMO/ hardcore act Lull provide main support for Scottish rockers Dude Trips tonight, with set closer ‘Old friend’ standing out with its fine musicality and interesting lyrical focus on what happens at the end of complex relationships   Providing a hardcore, intense, soundscape (with bombastic drumming) Lull’s set provides a nice tonic for the EMO sound of headlining act Dude Trips who finish the last night of their April tour with the type of balls-to-the-wall performance that surely must zap any remaining performance energy from them.  Standing out with the more emotionally intense songs, the highlight from the Dude’s comes from 91, Blank canvas and Tampa Bay which don’t shy away from exploring some of the more deep, raw, parts of humanity.  Draining themselves of whatever energy they had remaining from their tour (as well as the last of their Tennents supply) fair play to Dude Trip for going out on a high.  Roll on the next tour.

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