Myths&Dreams. 14.10.21. Dance City

Taking an interesting approach to both the staging and performance of contemporary dance, this evening’s triple-bill of new work showcases pieces created by the North East of England’s touring repertory dance company, Fertile Ground,  Interweaving visuals medias of dance, film and digital sculpture, Myths & dreams, as a whole collective, work as an esoteric investigation into modern themes; in particular what it means to be part of society and yet search for individualism and independent thoughts. Opening work, and The Man Who Fell To Earth spirited, Labyrinth starts the show with a sci-fi/otherworld inspired parable of escaping the constructs of modern-day, societal, prisons.  Alien and dystopian in places it sets a strong tone for the whole show and it’s ambition to combine interesting lighting with creative outfits and a collective dance performance that moves from synchronised choreography to free-form solo work.  Followed by  work investigating dreams, Somnium, and our ambition to break free from group-norms and group-think, Plubel, Myths is a wonderful collective of individual, micro, artistic decisions and dance steps combining to make one interesting big idea. Wow.

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