Holy Braille. The Globe. 1.6.19

Although annoyingly referred to in some quarters as a synth duo, there’s a strong case that pop martians ‘Holy Braille’ should really be considered a ‘pure’ electronic act.  A dark and nasty one, for sure, but an electronic act nevertheless.  Brave, artistic, and noisy, the Braille’s show tonight provides sufficient evidence of a band firmly finding their feet and developing into an act worth taking seriously; even in the face of their own ironic view of the world.   Driven by dark electro pop, a la Goldfrapp and Depeche Mode, Braille’s show centres around the contradictory performances of keyboardist Elliot Reeves (this century’s equivalent of Chris Lowe with his staged minimalism and seriousness) and frontwoman Steph Mac (meaningfully blending risqué, demonstrable and frightening traits into a character who’s next move you’re unsure of) with the outcoming being a sonic and visual treat.   New single ‘Murder she spoke’ stands out on an evening which is so much more than ‘just’ synth.

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