Urban vodoo machine. The studio. Hartlepool. 16.3.19

It’s a difficult one to review this one because as ambitious as the Urban Voodoo gang were, and I’m so tempted to say that they’re the voodoo who don’t do what you dare do people, tonight they were profoundly let down by a small, but impactful, element of the audience.  Clearly intending to provide a full theatrical performance, including costumes and onstage choreography, the Voodoo’s show was disrupted by off-stage chatter leading to regular stops in the show and pleas by frontman Paul-Ronney Angel for silence.  Whether it’s a bands responsibility to make a show so entertaining that the audience stop talking and pay attention, or the audience’s responsibility to provide an environment for a band to perform at their best, is up for debate; but tonight it was the paying audience who were, partly, let down in a performance which didn’t quite live up to its potential.  This could have so easily been 5 stars.

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