Fatherson. Newcastle University. 28.10.18

Recently returning with their third album ‘Sum of all your parts’, itself created with the vision of being an unapologetic statement of honesty, Kilmarnock rockers Fatherson seemed on confident form as they attacked the Newcastle University with typical intensity and volume.

Driven by charismatic vocalist/guitarist Ross Leighton the Son’s set, perhaps a fraction light in terms of time at about 75 minutes, blazed from the start with their unique blend of alternative/emotive hard rock, catchy melody lines and crowd singalongs.  Leighton, joined in nonstop movement by the ever-smiling Marc Strain on bass, provided the visuals for the audience with his style of aggressive guitar playing and concentrated stare, itself the externalisation of the bands purposeful, intentional, hard rock and meditative themes.  Standout track ‘Reflection’, the gentlest song of the evening and one of the highlights from ‘Sum’ is a showcase for Leighton’s powerful vocal delivery, and his occasional use of falsetto.  A song about redemption and a need for hope, Reflection is an interesting indication of where the band might head next on their musical journey and in their narrative choices; ‘Hallelujah I’m coming home, I’m sorry that it took so long, I was living in an idea, in someone else’s mind’.   Tonight Fatherson were a fully formed idea in their own mind.  Great stuff.

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