Tim Dalling. Aye Coyote. Star and Shadow. 19.9.18

Mouthpiece Bono once suggested that comedy was a viable solution to the war on vain, insincere, masculinity, “If you speak violence, you speak their language, but if you laugh at them it takes away their power”.   Openly debated, and in many cases mocked, the underlying sentiments seem an appropriate option, and an additional tool, in disarming extreme ideas and deep-rooted societal beliefs.

Perhaps Bono already knows the work of local performance artist/ comedian Tim Dalling, but if not then he should because current production ‘Aye Coyote’ is, at it’s heart, a performance piece which explores both toxic masculinity and the importance of society.

Stripped bare of some of Dalling’s more juvenile, Krankie’s-style moments of comedy, ‘Coyote’ is a powerful and moving account of Tim’s relationship with his brother Quentin, and Quentin’s eventual suicide.  Brought to life through a variance of performance styles, Dalling is deeply impactful and his story-telling impeccably delivered.

A re-enactment of a 20-year-old photo taken by Quentin and an old recording of his brother singing about a four-legged friend (played over footage of the brothers playing as children) are both particularly moving, the later utterly heart-breaking.

Deeply personal and profoundly moving ‘Aye Coyote’ is the work of a brother attempting to keep the memory of his family alive. You know where to look Bono.

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