Employed to Serve. Think Tank? 23.7.18

Though defined by an abrasive, aggressive, hardcore sound, Employed to Serve have often spoke about their determination to promote positive, self-empowered, messages in their music and at their live shows.  Just as most recent album ‘The warmth of a dying sun’ saw the band move subtly away from a complete hardcore feel, their live show too has changed over the past 18 months, beginning to develop a range of musical styles on top of their early, successful, sound.  Four weeks on from a successful Download appearance, their first, the Servers are in fine, well-tuned, form with confidence riding high.

Front person Justine Jones, herself a regular contributor to Kerrang magazine and a champion of the underground scene, leads the band with her intense, well delivered, performance.  Nuclear from the start Justine encourages her bandmates, and the audience, to participate fully in tonight’s show, at one point inviting them to take the mic or join the band on stage.  Responding to the challenge, the Servers produce an onslaught of energy, with few pauses, in a show which pulls all of the band into a tight collective, something which is strengthened with their unified jackets and in-time head nodding.   Though it takes a while, and some ‘gentle’ persuasion from the band, the Newcastle crowd finally crack and move away from ‘cool’ head nodding into moshing and slam dancing.  With it’s dark features, superb layout and great PA system, Think Tank? proves a perfect venue for this kind of show, though it would be nice if the club, or another venue in the region, had a licence to allow under 14s to attend, this is the sort of live event which would surely have a positive impact on young lives.

Employed to Serve came to talk us through their beliefs of self-empowerment and positivity.  Just like their music, they needed to deliver that message in an aggressive style, and it was worth listening to.

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