Julie Grant. Surf Cafe. 27.5.18


With a growing reputation for delicate vocals, as well as intimate style of song writing, the proximity of audience to artist at tonight’s show feels an ideal location for matching Grants’ musical intention with her musical delivery.

Highly personal and thought provoking, Julie Grant’s key strength (the name reflecting all members of the band rather than the individual) has always been the ability to create an atmosphere for personal reflection in their audience, a tactic they achieve tonight both through their choice of intimate settings and Julie’s confessional and authentic narratives.

Tonight’s highlight ‘Over and out’, an honest tale of the social stigmas associated to aging (being ‘left on the shelf’) finds our main singer, and the rest of the Grants, in fine vocal form.  Part folk, part pop, ‘Over’ brings the knowing nod of The Beautiful South together with the gentler chorus harmonies of The Byrds in a song that is collectively uplifting and inspiring.

A similar feel takes hold with Grants delivery of ‘Excellent Animal’, ‘Hang for it’ and ‘Crash out she said’ which are all played with precision and blend an acoustic/semi electric sound with intelligent lyrics.  ‘Animal’ does a great job of showcasing the more electric guitar element of Julie Grant, with a tremendous lead solo and an up-in-the-mix strong riff.  Almost ‘Smith’s’ in it’s structure the narrative of ending animal cruelty would, let’s face it, be approval to the great Moz himself.

It’s a shame that we don’t get to hear the brilliant ‘Mother, I’ve won’ but given that this is a short set, and all 8 songs fit together almost perfectly, tonight feels like an a real achievement.  If some of the tracks played tonight are reconstructed as well in the studio, new release ‘It’s me but it’s us’ should be worth looking forward to.


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