Turbowolf. Newcastle o2 Academy. 10.3.18


Bristol rockers Tubrowolf have had their foot to the distortion peddle since the release of their 2011 LP debut.  Originally tagged as a band intent on copying the deep groove of Led Zeppelin, the Wolves have gone on to prove original doubters wrong, maintaining their Zep styled rhythmic groove, but adding various flavours on top; all accumulating in a library of rock that is rich in ideas, sounds and energy.

On tour in support of their new ‘Free life record’ TurboWolf are in fine form.  Centred around ultra-charismatic frontman, Chris Georgiadis, each member of the band contribute equally in the creation of a sound that is layered, hypnotic and forceful.  Whilst Georgiadis provides the visuals, the Plant esque vocals, and the Bobby Gillespie styled rock star poses, it’s guitarist Andy Ghosh who seems to have the most successful night this evening, somehow managing to provide both pounding riffs and sonic feedback simultaneously; foundations on top of which the band build their layered sound, deep bass lines and hip-shaking grooves.  A well-knit, energetic, collective, Turbowolf maintain an intensity and level of humour throughout their show that makes this a great live performance; equally likely to make you shake your behind as it is to make you laugh.

‘Rabbits foot’ almost steals tonight’s show with it’s glam stomp and pounding drum beat, however, its upstaged by two highlights.  First off, the crowd are treated to a live acrobatics show by Georgiadis, as he jumps over the barrier and into the crowd in what must be the greatest stage dive the o2 has ever seen, whilst singing.  Secondly, the audience are treated to an incredible one-off when special guest Sebastien Grainger from Death from Above joins the group on stage to add backing vocals.

Turbowolf have a bounce made for live venues, let’s hope that they keep their foot on that peddle for a lot longer.

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