Twist Helix. Cumberland Alms. 9.2.18


Bono once insisted that the ‘world demands to be described’, a premise that we can assume Twist Helix believe given their new single ‘Ouseburn’.  Set inside a dystopian future, Ouseburn is an attempt to celebrate the artistic diversity of a well-known borough of Newcastle and the impact creative people have made to the North East of England.  Full of big ideas, clear thoughts and solid melodies, it possesses the very best traits of pop music.  It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the art scene in the North East; frivolity at the exact time we need it.

Out on tour to celebrate Ouseburn’s release, the live setting provides a great opportunity for the Cumberland Alms crowd to understand just how dance floor friendly the track is.  Given the reaction when the single is dropped, it seems we simply can’t resist some good post-industrial UK synth pop.

It also seems that we can’t resist the type of minimalistic, melodic, electronic music which the Twisters make, and the band deserve credit for the sense of adventure and search for optimism they inject into their live show.  Central to that optimism is singer Bea Cisneros, who’s soaring, soulful, vocals provide the electronic music with its human personality; most noticeably it’s heart, humour and sense of character.

Having recently been signed to Madrid based Paul Black Music, the future looks only brighter for a band striving to create new and interesting music; it may well be that their next release is an attempt to describe Madrid.  Wouldn’t that be interesting.



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