Emile Sande. Newcastle Arena. 16.10.17

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We often talk about the English invasion bands being influenced not just by American black r and b music but also by the culture they grew up in. Growing up in after the war conditions meant that kids were still afraid of the future; a factor which hugely influenced their attitudes.

Part of what Sande does so well is to write about, and perform, music which conjures up the difficulties of modern living and the culture we are growing up in.  A culture less defined by physical war, more a one for our mental health’s.

If ‘Folk music is the story of the people, from the people’s mouths’ (Martin carry) then Sande’s music is the music of the people from an inspired interpreter who uses silence and space to draw attention to the music.  There’s a couple of moments in the set when the whole arena falls deadly silent as Sande sings; it’s heart-stopping.

Taking us outside of pop’s usual ‘isn’t everything great’ schtick,  Sande makes us stop and look at our culture and some of the less impressive moments of what we are doing to ourselves.



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