Jesse malin. Think tank? 7.7.17

Though a lifelong member of the punk community, Jesse Malin has often worked alone in creating a musical style combining punks rebel rousing, self-actualising, messages with Springsteen esque blue-collar rock.

Presenting us with characters who rebel with white riots at the weekend, but struggle with self loathing through the working week, Malin’s stories have often considered what it is like to be a punk today; passionately believing in challenging a failing system, but living in an economic climate which demands compliance with corporate etiquette, and a culture which often vilifies dialogue that dares to question the pc landscape.

Reflecting modern culture, it’s perhaps no wonder that most stories are written in the first person and end in failed romance, anxiety or hedonism; potentially the worst legacies we are set to leave as symbols of our time.

Live, Malin’s artistic vision and purpose, alongside his punk roots, are so clear that he strikes right to the heart of his audience with a mission of forcing us to see what we are becoming.

Relentless with his energy, and backed by an intense band, Malin’s brilliance in a live setting is transferring his tales of broken dreams into sing along, uplifting, anti establishment anthems.  It’s a style offering a perfect answer to the challenge of that other pop-rebel master of saying what you mean, meaning what you say and putting a backbeat behind it.

Though Malin offers no vision for the future, he often does advise us to stay in the present.  When your present moment is at a jesse Malin show, it’s a moment worth staying in for as long as you can.


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