Evan Dando. Wylam Brewery. 4.3.17


Looking like a character caught somewhere between a high art hipster and a low down wino, very little has changed in Evans playing or visual style in 50 years.  Head down, hair over eyes, slight body rock, stoop, little pause for breathe, sincere vocals… all of the classic mannerisms still exist.
As do the high cheekbones.
As, fortunately, do the songs.
Stand out tracks for the evening’s solo show, ‘Hospital’, ‘Into my arms’ and ‘Confetti’ offer a suitable insight into the legacy of the birthday boy, his complex writing having always been disguised by it’s author’s apparent slack-ness.
For a man once tipped as the favourite to follow his friend Kurt, Evan proves that he’s not just made it through today, or been a bit part in our lives, he’s made a true impact.
And here’s to you Mr Dando.

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