The Handsome Family. The Sage. 25.2.17


Set inside the combination of either being immersed in an artificial world, or burnt out by professional careers, it’s nice every now and again to experience something which reminds you of what it’s like to put down your phone and spend time with people you love without distractions.

Or without feeling the need to record the moment and share it.

In almost 25 years of making clever, and intellectual music, Americana stars The Handsome Family have developed a reputation for being sharp musical curators with the ability to make music which captures the sound of the American wilderness.

Best known for the True Detective theme tune ‘Far from any road’, husband and wife team Brett and Rennie Sparks have made their career out of producing the type of music that reminds you of what it was like to be young, play outside, and fall into puddles with your best friend.

Live, the ability of their music to take you to your favourite childhood place, a place far from the virtual world, subtly allows you to hear their message clearer and cast aside the growing practice of trivialising important themes through banter.  ‘Weightless again’ proves a strong example of this by providing a Johnny Cash, country, sound with lyrics about the pressures of modern life, ‘This is why people OD on pills/ and jump from the Golden Gate Bridge/ Anything to feel weightless again’.  These are important messages delivered in a style that allows you to hear them.



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