Dunes. 7.1.17. Newcastle Academy.


With revivals dominating the UK music scene since 2010, it’s nice to start the year, as it should, by looking to the future and championing a new band, with new ideas and a new voice.

Making only their third ever live appearance, Newcastle based Dunes (potentially soon to be renamed Red Rose) all but stole the show away from (very good) headliners and co-headliners at a recent outing with their Queens of the Stone Age meets AntiChrist-era-Marilyn-Manson blend of dirty, sweaty and good time rock.

Intense vocal delivery met with furious drumming and a don’t-take-it-too-seriously attitude produce a set that makes rock sound like it has no other point than to make you want to go out and find trouble.  With a twitter handle reading ‘sex and narcotic gods’ you know that this is a band to watch out for.



Other acts: Servers and Enversa.

Servers were exceptionally intense- great image with their hoodies up and all wearing black.

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