Carys Calling ‘Honest’

Returning to music after a 3-year hiatus, Carys Calling is back with a seemingly reinvigorated purpose and intent for her work.

Recreating the effortless melodies and super production of earlier song writing, ‘Honest’ sees Calling create a style of pop that glistens with a polished sheen whilst being off-set by minimalist electronica.

Structured around gentle, slightly downtempo beats, Calling hooks the track around dreamy, gentle, vocals which remain distant and purposefully emotionally insecure.  Reminiscent of the lighter moments of Bat for Lashes or the darker moments of Kylies ‘Put yourself in my place’ era, ‘Honest’ focuses on a narrative which contemplates human behaviour and questions why societal pressures often nudge us towards exaggeration and expanding the truth.   What does honest mean in a world of fake news? And why do we often shy away from being open and truthful?

Honest is a confident pop song, well produced and founded on talented song writing.  Well worth the 3-year wait.