Sleaford Mods. O2 Academy. 24.10.16


Only 12 months since their last visit to Newcastle, but a larger venue, and a larger crowd, prove that the Mods continue to do the right things and make the right decisions.

As always, Jason Williamson delivers angry, razor-sharp, lyrics over broken, lurching, beats provided by Andrew Fearn.  Live, Williamson’s delivery allows greater clarity of his rough, articulate and politically aware journalistic reportage of broken Britain.

The Mods certainly have anger in their intent, yet you do wonder just how much is also tongue in cheek.  There’s as much wit and sarcasm of say Ryder, as their is the anger of Lydon.  Likewise there is a known humour in the way Fearn engineers the beats, pushing the Tennant/ Lowe roles to an extreme.

New track TCR is the highlight of the night (particularly the reference to “People need to move on/ That ’50s look can do one”) and unreleased tracks sound hugely promising.  Let’s hope they’re back in another 12 months, playing to even more people.




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