Neon Waltz. 6.12.19. Ku Bar.

Sometimes it’s okay to watch a band underperform; sometimes it’s really not. Perhaps one of the finest indie pop acts around, Neon Waltz spend most of tonight doing a poot job of trying to make their performance catch up with their potential.  One drink too many perhaps, one gig too many on the tour list; whatever the reason it’s a shame to watch such a hot property look so far away from their fighting best.  Hoping that this is a one-off blip from a band with such strong pop, the headliners tonight take away from a considerable opening; Finn Forster building up huge expectation for some of his 2020 releases with a really confident performance and Social Room, well, they just carry on being Social Room.  Both Forster and Social are on fine form tonight, Forster’s Call you mine being the highlight of his set and SR7 capturing Social’s bombastic show perfectly.  As a classic rocker once said, two out of three ain’t bad.