The Coral. Newcastle Riverside. 3.10.18

Space cadets by nature, The Coral always approached their music looking for new directions, sounds and textures; a perennial search for new horizons.  Wrongly caricatured by parts of the media as a through back 60s Mersey-beat, pop, act, their 9 album back catalogue, including album of the decade Butterfly House, shows the band as risk takers with a love for not only Byrd’s harmonies but also heavy drone, 60s psychedelia and Motown styled rhythms.  How wrong some critics can be.

Tonight sees the band bring all of their influences to the stage in a show which is magical from start to finish, managing the difficult curation task of navigating through different styles.  Spending most of the evening with guitars turned up to 11, the show is most impactful when droning out, with recent single “Reaching for a friend” benefiting from a slightly heavier sound than on record, as well as ‘Goodbye’ and highlight ‘Holy revelation’.  Long may they continue their cosmic search.

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