Psychostick. Think Tank. 12.7.18


History teaches us that the one group of people who aren’t able to, objectively, comment on a period of time are the ones currently living in it.   Only once a period is analysed by those removed from the time can history contextualise the era and decide how it should be remembered.

Rock, punk and metal have often been described, in the modern(ish) period, as belief-forming, high-impactful, genres.  Both the classic ’77 and the Riot grrrrl movements certainly give us credence to theorise that punk has been a multi-genre, highly important, part of the shaping of our culture.  But what if history proves us wrong and reframes punk as unimportant or lame? What if punk comes to be remembered as humorous entertainment?  Where would this leave punks fundamentalists?

Psychostick, perhaps in a similar style as Tenacious D, have an interesting way of provoking humour at music lovers insistence in finding meaning.  Clearly fans of the punk genre the band try and puncture some of the seriousness which comes from a movement often classified as a one who’s sole purpose is to attack institutions and destroy any shade of grey.

Fantastic musicians, Psychostick are able to fully replicate the punk/metal sound providing a credence and authenticity to the music which provides their humour.  Tracks like ‘Obey the beard’, ‘Quack kills’ and ‘orgasm = love’, though not particularly intellectual in themselves, become highly intellectual when set in the context of parodying the self-importance of punk.  Depending on if you enjoy the show or not, I suppose, depends on how seriously you take punk.  Tonight’s crowd loved the show, finding humour in Psychosticks lyrics, slow-mo mosh pits and raised eyebrows.  Personally, as one of punks apostles, it took me some time to see the humour; though I got it in the end.  History may well have the last laugh with people like me.

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