Britrock must be destroyed. o2 Academy. 20.5.18

Just when you think that live music is overpriced and out of touch with reality, kudos to the promotional team who put on a line up team consisting of not just two, but four, stellar artists at an affordable price.

Billed as the destruction of Brit-rock, perhaps the only faux-paus of the evening in it’s mild suggestion of a nostalgia only show, tonight’s real celebration focuses on the realisation that whilst the poppers won the mid-90s chart battle with their short term, trend-heavy, disposable tunes, the rockers were always going to win the war thanks to their more complex, highly personal, style of song-writing.

Pre main acts support, ‘Dodgy’, provide a fine opening 30 minutes focused on the song writing skills of Clark, Priest and Miller.  Goofy, one hit wonder, indie boys they never were and it’s nice to see them creeping back into the type of discussions which prompted Ian Broudie to produce their debut.

‘Terrovision’ claim the crown for tonight’s ‘best’ band with a heart stopping show of energy and a relentless set list.  Classic tracks (‘My house’, ‘Alice what’s the matter’ and ‘Perseverance’) are played with the type of passion uncommon in a band reaching their thirtieth anniversary.     Tony Wright, half Reservoir dog, half Clockwork Orange, puts on a show that would justify the ticket price itself.

‘Reef’ follow such intensity by cleverly offering a different style of rock from out and out blitz.  Playing only three tracks from their fine new album, the reefers focus their attention on the good old boy’s, American rock, style of their first two albums.  Bassist Jack Bessant, seen out earlier in the day skateboarding on Grey’s monument, provides the central focus for a fine set list including ‘Place your hands’ and ‘Come back brighter’.

Local lads ‘The Wildhearts’ close the evening.  If you’ve seen them before you know they gave it their all and were inspirational.  Same again next year please.

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