Weak Daze. Little Builidings. 30.1.18

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There’s a strong argument that destruction creates hope.  The damage caused by World War Two, for example, may have lit the creative fuse which sparked the rebelliousness of rock and roll and it’s underlying messages of peace and love.  Had there been no war there would have been no call for peace.
If art is therefore a reaction to our surroundings, what can we say about Weak Daze and their blend of youthful anger? What are they so angry about? Because both in sound and in lyrics this is one angry band.

Loud and intense, Weak Daze arrive with a sound that may best be described as being Sonic Youth fronted by Henry Rollins.  It’s an angry, feedback driven, feeling interspersed by a singer not afraid to confront issues about fear, paranoia and alienation.  Whether in character or singing first person, the themes of social normality, rejection and the wars inside our heads is powerful stuff.

Without wanting to put words in other people’s mouths it feels like Weak Daze are part of a generation who can no longer take the past upswing of equality for granted and are angry at the lack of fairness and equality they see around them.

Perhaps it’s the climate that produces this work, or perhaps it’s not. Whatever it is though Weak Daze are making some interesting art.

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