Jesus and Mary Chain. 23.3.17. Newcastle Riverside.


The live set up for the notorious Reid brothers has always been surrounded by a mythical reputation for deafening feedback, anger and in-show punk rock riots.
Given this legacy, and given the reverence they are held in by their fans, they deserved a more crowd friendly venue and a better sound system from their Newcastle show.
The Riverside is a fantastic venue until it’s about three-quarters full and then, given the setting of the stage, the bar, the entrance and the mixing desk, it can blend into a nightmare for gig goers.
It’s impossible for anyone wanting to leave to do so without being heckled by people trying to watch the show, and it’s equally impossible for anyone coming in late to be able to find a place to stand.
Likewise, unless you’re right up at the stage, the acoustics of the venue can make the transfer of sound poor.  Given that the gig was supposed to make you unable to hear for a week, it’s not really what you’re looking for.
The Reids played a blinder.  Jim nailed the high-to-low vocals with his soulful whisper and William made his guitar sound like a dunkirk horror movie.  Playing an almost perfect set of hits and rarities, including an encore of 4 Psychocandy songs, the Reid’s did all they could to entertain.
But they were let down by a venue in need of a re-think.

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